Fellowships and Scholarships News and Announcements

Point Foundation Scholarships

Posted by mrp6 on December 5, 2016 in Awards, National Scholarship

The Point Foundation Scholarship provides financial support through multi-year scholarships, leadership training and mentoring to LGBTQ students who have a proven track record of leadership and community involvement. Scholarship application is due January 30th: https://www.pointfoundation.org/point-apply/apply-now/.


US-UK Summer Fulbright Institutes

Posted by mrp6 on December 1, 2016 in Awards, International Scholarship

The US-UK Summer Fulbright Institutes provide an opportunity for undergraduates (who have at least two years of undergraduate study left to complete) to spend 3-4 weeks in the UK during the summer, all expenses paid. Summer Institutes are available at a number of institutions around the UK: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/fulbright-awards/exchanges-to-the-uk/undergraduates. The deadline for application varies by program but is in February 2017.

Two UB students have recently won this award: Dylan Burns and Anna Porter.

Students interested in applying should contact the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships for assistance with completing the application: fellowships@buffalo.edu.